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3 Productivity Hacks For The Mompreneur Who’s Over It

Between the never-ending customer and client demands, the ever-growing mommy guilt, the fear of failure, and the constant urge to take a nap, mompreneurship is hard and quite honestly, we don’t know what has us more in a chokehold – motherhood or entrepreneurship?

The truth is, mama, mompreneurship can feel like #tewmuch on some days. And as moms ourselves, we’ve struggled with managing motherhood, work, and self-care. Thankfully, as twins, we have the help and guidance of each other, and as for you, you have the help and guidance of TGND Consulting. That’s why we’re sharing three of our productivity secrets, which we need you to implement like yesterday.     

You Need A Team, Mama 

We know what you’re thinking. Managing yourself already feels like way too much, and now we’re suggesting you add more people?! Though it may seem counterproductive, and the thought of managing anyone outside of yourself makes you want to scream, it’s actually the biggest productivity hack of them all. With the right people in your corner–by ‘right people,’ we mean talented, powerful and efficient people–your business can scale faster, which in turn can increase your revenue and maximize your time. This is a hack that we truly believe in because we do it for our own business. We also support mompreneurs when they’re ready to do it too. With our PR package, we serve as the publicity team and digital brand and image architects for many mompreneur brands, which in turn increases their productivity. By having us on their team, mompreneurs can focus on the parts of entrepreneurship that they love, while we manage the parts that help them scale and get seen. 

Systems Will Save You

Outside of outsourcing and having a team, we LOVE systems here at TGND Consulting, okay?! We’ve found that systems, when coupled with automation, are the second biggest hack of them all. By utilizing platforms to take the busywork (recurring emails, invoice creation, meeting scheduling, etc.) off your plate, you will see your productivity take off, mama. The goal is to work smart and never hard. When you do this, your time is maximized, creating more room for you to enjoy the people and things you love. 

These three system/automation platforms are our faves: 

  • Dubsado: A business management solution specifically designed to cut out busy work. Use code Dwayna for a discount on your subscription 
  • Canva: A graphic design tool that takes the guesswork and time out of creating sleek, on-brand marketing materials   
  • Planoly: An all-in-one platform that makes it easy to plan and schedule your social content across Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter

Take the Guesswork Out of Getting Dressed  

As mompreneurs, the last thing we tend to think about is our appearance. With a business to run, a family to nurture, sleep to fight, self care to squeeze in, and media interviews to rush to, who has time to look presentable all the time? The answer is, you do! Here’s the thing, mama: Potential clients/customers are everywhere–in the carpool line, at the park, at daycare, at PTA meetings, but most importantly, they watch and read your media interviews, Instagram Lives, you name it. And as the primary representative of your business, you are your brand. Your appearance influences how people receive your authority, trustworthiness, and intelligence, and it shows that you take your brand image (and business) seriously. As brand strategists, we not only help mompreneurs understand the importance of their PR and brand image, but we’ve gone as far as creating BrandU Architect™: Fashion Guide, a step-by-step, interactive e-book that takes the guesswork out of getting dressed, which is the third biggest productivity hack of them all. In BrandU Architect™: Fashion Guide, moms learn how to be intentional about the colors and styles they wear, and they’re encouraged to let go of the clothes that no longer serve them. After implementing the gems we drop in this book, they also discover ways to free up time by wearing only the pieces (whether casual or dressy) that are intentional and speak volumes.   


Led by Donna and Dwayna–twin sisters and mompreneurs–TGND stands for The Girls Next Door. At TGND Consulting LLC, the duo provides public relations, brand imaging and brand strategy to moms with lifestyle brands. Interested in taking your brand from good to magical? Book a FREE 30-minute PR Analysis

Written by TGND Consulting, LLC

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