Ready for a brand revamp and magical marketing? Ready to have a brand that people can finally connect with visually and emotionally? You’re in the right place, sis.

Our VIP Days package is one of our newest and most-requested services for a reason.Created with your ‘booked and busy’ schedule and budget-consciousness in mind, our two-day VIP Day experience breathes life all the way back into the brands of mompreneurs and women-led lifestyle business owners like you who have NO CLUE what to do when it comes to refreshing your brands. You know there’s something missing. You know you need a lil’ oomph—you just don’t know where to start or where to find the time! 

Taking place over the course of a weekend at a coworking space or your facility, our VIP Days experience gives TGND Consulting the chance to nurture you through an interactive workshop that takes the guesswork out of rebranding and hones in on ways to increase your brand awareness and exposure. Here’s what you get: 

What you leave with: Clarity, a new style, stress relief, a done-for-you PR action plan, an influencer marketing strategy, a content creation strategy, a brand strategy framework, a social media strategy, and brand new photos that connect you with your audience.