PR Architect Workshop

Craft a Story the Media Can't Resist!

Jam-packed with PR secrets and hours of instructional videos, our PR Architect Workshop is a course for mompreneurs and women business owners who still need to be ready to invest in a PR firm. In this workshop, we take you from struggling to tell your story to crafting a story the media can’t resist.

Created with your busy schedule in mind, this workshop is self-paced and designed to teach you:

  1. How to be your own PR architect

  2. How to craft and share a compelling brand story

  3. How to create content that converts

  4. How to use TGND Consulting’s tried-and-true PR methods to finally get seen by the media 

Oh, and did we mention that this course comes with a FREE copy of our best-selling eBook, PR Architect? 

Craft and share a brand story that people can’t resist! 

After countless hours speaking with mompreneurs and women business owners like you, we’ve heard almost every frustration about gaining visibility. The most common one? Not knowing how to tell a compelling story about your brand that people want to hear.

That’s why we packed our years of knowledge into PR Architect: How to Create And Tell A Magical Brand Story Through PR, the eBook created to get your brand story on point. Written for mompreneurs, and women who own lifestyle brands, PR Architect is perfect for you if you’re not yet ready to invest in a PR firm, but you still want to be the face of your brand.

PR Architect Workshop

Create and Tell a Magical Brand Story Through PR
$ 297 one-time fee
  • How to Craft a Stellar Brand Story
  • How to Build Credibility
  • How to Position Yourself as the Authority
  • How to Create Relevance Around Your Brand
  • How to Increase Your Influence
  • How to Create and Maintain Your Brand Image
  • Sharing Your Story With The World