TGND stands for The Girls Next Door. The girls next door “allures simplicity and charm.” The girls next door are “down-to-earth, supportive, and approachable.”

Our story may be similar to many young minority girls that always dreamt of having something more. We didn’t grow up as the traditional “all-American” girls, but we’ve created a life of “the all-American” women. Our background has shaped our world into who we are today. As mompreneurs in the creative space, we are enhancing magical brands with our clients. Are you ready to create magic?


Dwayna is a self-described “millennial mompreneur” with a passion for creating brand awareness and exposure. After graduating from North Carolina Central University, Georgia State University and working a couple of years in the corporate workspace, she pursued her quest to be a fresh and creative entrepreneur in public relations. She has worked freelance and obtained features on NBC, ABC, CBS, Sister Circle, Tom Joyner Morning Show, U.S. News & World Report, Fox Sports, Thrive Global, Medium, Upscale Magazine, Heart & Soul, Ebony/Jet, and more. Three adjectives to describe Dwayna is smart, savvy, and strategic

Dwayna has experience working with brands in the lifestyle industries and takes pride in amplifying the presence of changemakers and purpose-driven entrepreneurs and experts. She has obtained her M.S. in Marketing and continues to gain recognition for countless brands. She is also certified in brand and customer management. 


Digital Brand Strategist & PR Consultant

Donna is a self-proclaimed Mommi Hustler. She has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication Studies from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Donna began to fall in love with fashion arts and beauty while working at Nordstrom’s top retail stores. After obtaining her degree, she decided to further her education in fashion and became a certified Image Consultant to start her own business. Since then, Donna has had years of experience in image branding, wardrobe styling, marketing/sales, merchandising, client management.  

Entrepreneurship is something that Donna has dreamed about since she was younger. Still, it took her years of working in corporate America to realize the importance of doing what you truly love. Donna truly loves being a full-time entrepreneur, a great mom, and helping grow business and brands. Her motto to live by is, “Show up in the world how you want people to perceive you.”  


Client Engagement strategist & Image Consultant