Mommi Hustle™

If we can be transparent, we are millennials and mompreneurs who struggled with managing motherhood, work, and self-care. But with the help and guidance of each other, we have been able to overcome many obstacles. Mommi Hustle is our labor of love where we share key strategies and rituals that we have learned to help other women who are just like us thrive in their purpose. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, entrepreneur, or working mom, we’re here for you.


Mommi Hustle™ is a community created by the co-founders of TGND Consulting, Donna Morris and Dwayna Williams, that helps mompreneurs and working mommi's support, uplift, encourage, and network with one another.

Calling ALL mompreneurs! Why do you think you have to do this mommy-business thing alone? We know you’re exhausted. We know you dream of having that one friend who just gets you. We know you’re plagued with chronic mommy guilt, and most of all, we know you’re tired of not having dope, like-minded and right-minded ladies around you.  


As mompreneurs ourselves, we once stood right there in your shoes, sis. We were burned out, frustrated and completely over it until we realized that community is everything. That’s when we created the Mommi Hustle Facebook Group. A support hub and sisterhood all wrapped in one, Mommi Hustle is an empowerment community of melanated mamas created for us by us. In this free Facebook group, you’ll get endless support, a cheerleading squad and unfiltered access to our key strategies and rituals that make this mompreneur lifestyle easier.