Mommi Hustle™

If we can be transparent, we are millennials and mompreneurs who struggled with managing motherhood, work, and self-care. But with the help and guidance of each other, we have been able to overcome many obstacles. Mommi Hustle is our labor of love, where we share vital strategies and rituals that we have learned to help other women who are just like us thrive in their purpose. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, entrepreneur, or working mom, we’re here for you.


Mommi Hustle™ is a community created by the co-founders of TGND Consulting, Donna Morris and Dwayna Williams, that helps mompreneurs and working mommi's support, uplift, encourage, and network with one another.

Calling ALL mompreneurs! Why do you think you have to do this mommy-business thing alone? We know you’re exhausted. We know you dream of having that one friend who just gets you. We know you’re plagued with chronic mommy guilt, and most of all, we know you’re tired of not having dope, like-minded and right-minded ladies around you.  


As mompreneurs ourselves, we once stood right there in your shoes, sis. We were burned out, frustrated and completely over it until we realized that community is everything. That’s when we created the Mommi Hustle Facebook Group. A support hub and sisterhood all wrapped in one, Mommi Hustle is an empowerment community of melanated mamas created for us by us. In this free Facebook group, you’ll get endless support, a cheerleading squad and unfiltered access to our key strategies and rituals that make this mompreneur lifestyle easier.


Mom Networking Event
12 May

Mommi's Day Out

  • 11:00 am
  • ATL

We are calling ALL working moms! As mompreneurs, we understand how consuming our day to day roles and responsibilities can lead to burnout and overwhelm, sis. To help alleviate some of the overload, we created an event to thank and honor you, mama! Join us for our first annual Mommi's Day Out brunch designed especially for you! We know you dream of having that one friend who gets you. We know you’re plagued with chronic mommy guilt, and most of all, we know you’re tired of not having dope, like-minded, and right-minded ladies around you. This Mommi"s Day Out Brunch is the perfect opportunity to leverage sisterhood, let your hair down, and have some drinks, great food, gifts, and community on Mother's Day. What's included: (1) Special panelist guests with discussion around Navigating Work and Motherhood (2) Gift bags and FREE giveaways (3) Catered brunch and mimosas (4) Music, networking, and community (5) Photo booth experience EARLY BIRD tickets are on sale now for $75 for a limited time!


Self-employed individuals and small businesses are a critical part of the US economy. One important subset of self-employed businessperson, whose work uniquely impacts both the US economy and US lifestyle, is the “mompreneur.” In this episode, we’re joined by two mompreneurs who have founded their business specifically to support other mompreneurs and lifestyle brands. Join me in this invigorating and inspiring conversation with twins Dwayna Williams and Donna Morris, founders of TGND Consulting. In our conversation, we discuss the power of terminology, the challenges of overcoming stigmas, and the legitimacy and importance of mompreneur and lifestyle businesses as a specific type of self-employment.


Between the never-ending customer and client demands, the ever-growing mommy guilt, the fear of failure, and the constant urge to nap, mompreneurship is hard. We don’t know what has us more in a chokehold – motherhood or entrepreneurship?

The truth is, mama, mompreneurship can feel like #tewmuch on some days. And as moms ourselves, we’ve struggled with managing motherhood, work, and self-care. Thankfully, as twins, we have the help and guidance of each other, and as for you, you have the help and guidance of TGND Consulting. That’s why we’re sharing three of our productivity secrets, which we need you to implement like yesterday.

Systems Will Save You

Outside of outsourcing and having a team, we LOVE systems here at TGND Consulting, okay?! We’ve found that systems, when coupled with automation, are the second most significant hack. By utilizing platforms to take the busywork (recurring emails, invoice creation, meeting scheduling, etc.) off your plate, you will see your productivity take off, mama. The goal is to work smart and never hard. When you do this, your time is maximized, allowing you to enjoy the people and things you love.

These three system/automation platforms are our faves:

  1. Dubsado: A business management solution specifically designed to cut out busy work. Use code tgndconsulting for a discount on your subscription
  2. Canva: A graphic design tool that takes the guesswork and time out of creating sleek, on-brand marketing materials
  3. Planoly: An all-in-one platform that makes it easy to plan and schedule your social content across Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. For a discount on your subscription, access here.