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Take your brand and thought leadership to new heights by aligning your image with your desired goals of being seen in the media.

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Cultivate a stellar brand image through image development, one-on-one brand strategy sessions, and implementation.

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Donna and Dwayna of TGND Consulting

Our principals are accessible, reliable, and responsible: whether we are needed for a strategy call on short notice, or for a quick email reply, we are always available & responsive to our clients.

To keep our brands “fresh” in the eyes of the media, we continually evolve our pitch and brand image strategies. We build on tactics that produce results and consistently approach media with new angles, innovative ideas, and seasonal trends (aligning brands with timely & relevant topics).

We view ourselves as an extension of our client’s businesses or brands. As members of their team, we become involved not just in the PR aspect of the business but understanding how the brand image and public relations serve a deeper function of strengthening sales, driving marketing goals, and company growth. We have the resources, contacts, and experience of a larger agency with a boutique firm’s personalized service and affordable rates.

We consult moms and women with lifestyle brands to elevate their brand presence, discover their brand identity, and establish them as thought leaders in their industry. We would love the opportunity to support you in bringing your entrepreneurial dreams to reality. Visit our portfolio page to view some of our work with past clients.

Our Packages!

Theses 2 day one-on-one intensive sessions allows us to uncover details about your business and the market it serves. We aim to identify the most effective way for your business to approach your market and dissect your brand’s marketing from top to bottom. Day two consists of a brand photoshoot with our creative direction, photographer and location. 

This strategy session allows us to uncover details about your business and the market it serves. During this session, we aim to identify the most effective way for your business to approach your market.

To all the ladies in the place with style and grace but not enough time, let TGND Consulting keep you fly. When you book our personal shopping service, you’ll enjoy a three-part experience that’s headache-free, convenient, and a huge timer saver.

Media Relations: Do you have a magical brand that your audience can’t get enough of? How about a cohesive brand identity? If you answered ‘Yes’ to both questions, it’s time to kick things up a notch and get you seen in the media, sis! Created for boss ladies like you who’re ready to level up their brand and position themselves as a thought leader in the media.

Event PR: Have a dope event coming up that the media HAS to know about, and that your audience HAS to attend? You’re in the right place, sis. The difference between a good event and a well-attended, well-known event is PR. That’s it. That’s the secret. With a highly-skilled PR team, you’ll generate awareness, boost your headcount, and obtain the buzz you dream about.

Brand Partnerships: Why compete when you can collaborate, sis? We don’t compete over here! Create 2x the magic and generate 2x the influence by working with TGND Consulting to secure brand partnerships and collaborations that perfectly align with you and your brand. Through this best-selling service, you’ll enjoy a hassle-free experience.


Picture your favorite influencer and/or celebrity. Now imagine him/her as your ambassador. If you think that working with the people you admire is only a dream, think again, sis. All you need is the right team and a sound strategy. At TGND Consulting, we work hard to make this dream a reality for our mompreneurs and women-led lifestyle business owners. Through our influencer/talent outreach service, we take the headache out of your ambassador search and open your brand up to a world of customers that are best accessed through celebrities and influencers. That’s right. No more DM’ing your faves and being left on read. With our done-for-you approach, we handle everything from start to finish, making sure this service is worth every single penny. When you work with us, you work with highly skilled representatives who will not only get your products into the hands of your faves, but we will make sure your brand is attractive for partnerships and ready for brand awareness.

Whether you turn into Rihanna when the cameras come on, or you’re severely camera shy and have to fight nausea during the shoot, the truth is, lifestyle photoshoots are vital. When you have a fabulous, on-brand collection of photos that visually tell your story, you are much more likely to stand out to ideal clients within your niche. It’s also easier for you to connect further with the audience you already have! As part of our Brand Styling Session, TGND Consulting offers a headache-free styling package that leave you with lifestyle images that FINALLY speak to who you are. Show up as your authentic self and allow your image consultant to manage your photoshoot, assist the photographer, and keep everyone on point and on time.

This strategy session allows us to uncover details about your business and the market it serves. During this session, we aim to identify the most effective way for your business to approach your market. It includes, our Social Media Kit also! Sis, you don’t have to say it. We already know. You hate posting on social media, you hate thinking about what to post, you hate writing captions, and you hate the amount of time it takes to show up and be seen. Knowing exactly how you feel, we created this Social Media Kit Design Service to make your life 10x easier. – With this kit, we’re taking the guesswork out of social media content creation, leaving you with more time and energy.

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