Why are PR and branding important to my business?

Branding and PR are an essential part of your marketing/sales funnel. Both appear in the brand awareness phase. PR creates and builds credibility while branding increases the value of your product, service, or brand.

Can PR determine the success of your company? 

Absolutely, that comes two fold. The more people that know about your brand or business the better. At TGND Consulting we utilize PR by showcasing your thought leadership, engaging with your audience, sharing your story. We love to always share that PR is a process. There’s no overnight success. 


 What is the difference between marketing and PR?

There is a HUGE difference between PR and Marketing. Many times, people confuse the two. To simply put it, PR is maintaining a positive reputation and brand image. Marketing is promoting and selling. When one is “marketing” a product, service or brand they’re creating advertising campaigns, marketing collateral (i.e. brochures and FAQs), newsletters, and conducting client research. Marketing exists throughout the entirety of your sales funnel and consumer journey. Every brand or business should consistently create innovative ways to stay “top of mind”.

When one is providing public relations (PR) they are creating pitches, press releases, talking points and innovative messaging. PR allows you to showcase your brand through storytelling. PR is at the top of your sales funnel, the “awareness phase”. The “awareness phase” is when consumers start to notice your brand, product or service. With the campaigns and strategies created in this phase, consumers begin to become aware that you may have a solution for them. 

How do you measure success in PR?

Success can be measured in many ways. To successfully measure a PR campaign we must start with understanding what the client’s goals are.  to get featured in media publications like Forbes or is it to create awareness around a new product or service you’re offering? 


 Why is branding important to a successful PR or marketing campaign?

71% of consumers who have had a positive experience with a brand on social media are likely to recommend the brand to their friends and family (Lyfemarketing, 2018)

When we think of branding, we think of Starbucks. It is not just the logo on the exceptional coffee, it’s about the experience. You receive personalized service, rewards, and an environment where you can come work, have a meeting and meet for a coffee date any day of the week. Not only does Starbucks give you an experience that keeps you coming back, they also have a stellar brand appearance with their core values, company culture and mission at the forefront of everything they do. 

Needless to say, it would suck to have a brand awareness campaign or social media strategy pushing to a brand or business that doesn’t have a clear brand  strategy. 


 What does your PR services include?

Our PR services include: PR and media outreach, media relations, digital PR, bookings, traditional PR and image consulting.


 Why should I hire a PR or branding professional?

If you’re looking to expand your consumer reach or showcase your thought leadership we highly recommend you hiring a PR professional. Branding allows you to nurture relationships with your audience. Branding makes a memorable impression that turns consumers into customers.  




What type of social media marketing services do you provide?

We provide social media management, content creation, and engagement strategy for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. We also provide community management for Facebook groups. 

 How can I increase my followers?

This may not seem simple to many and oftentimes is the focus of brands or businesses. The goal is always to get more people to follow you, but that shouldn’t be the main focus. The key to getting more followers is consistency, creativity and patience. A huge social media following doesn’t happen overnight unless you have content that has gone viral. Consistency always reflects in growth. 

 Do you recommend paid post vs. organic post?

We love organic posts but also know that you have to pay to play. We love to incorporate a mixed strategy and recommend our clients have at least a monthly budget of $100 for boosted/paid posts. 

 How does social media increase visibility?

Social media increases your visibility because this is where your audience lives? Social media has literally changed the way we live our lives and it continues to grow as a channel of communication and engagement for many people worldwide. Social media continuously is used as a resource to connect, inform and influence. Some of the latest social media statistics show:

  • There are 3.78 billion social media users worldwide in 2021.(Statista, 2020).
  • With over 2.32 billion active monthly users, Facebook remains the most widely used social media platform. Active users are those that have logged into Facebook during the last 30 days. Roughly two-thirds of U.S. adults (68%) now report that they are Facebook users (Pewinternet, 2018). 
  •  An average of two hours and 25 minutes are spent per day per person on social media (DataReportal, 2021).
  • 54% of social browsers use social media to research products (GlobalWebIndex, 2018).


What branding services do you provide?

Our branding services consist of developing brand strategy and marketing collateral.

 How does image consulting and branding connect?

Your image is your brand. We all know that brand perception, whether a thought leader, business owner or influencer is important to expanding. Therefore, when our clients have digital or  in person appearances, interviews, events and or lifestyle/brand photoshoots we offer image consulting services so that you can look and feel the part. 




What is your styling process? 

Our styling process is to focus on the impact our clients have personally and professionally. In order to do that we would set up a “Brand Image” call where we discuss your style goals for your brand. Once we flush through the services that you will need, you will complete a Style Questionnaire. Once we finalize the services that will be most beneficial to you. We will start working on revamping your style and/or your brand image. 


 Who are your typical clients? 

Our typical clients are entrepreneurs/small business owners,  looking to build strong visual and personal brands through impression management (websites, social media platforms, personal image/style), PR, Social Media Marketing and Management, and creating a digital brand strategy. 


 What’s your styling philosophy?

Our styling philosophy is that your style should match your personality. Everyone’s style is different and that is what makes you “YOU”. When you have a brand, it is important that you show up as your authentic self because authenticity and connection are what audiences buy into. We believe that you should always show up how you want your brand/business to be represented.  


 What image consulting services do you provide?

We provide image branding services for entrepreneurs and brands in need of wardrobe services for photoshoots, wardrobe styling for media appearances, personal/professional wardrobe revamps, and complete style analysis. 


 How does image consulting and branding connect? 

Branding plays a big role in how you market yourself and/or your business. Marketing and the knowledge of fashion to improve an individual’s appearance are essential in branding. Impression Management plays a huge role in branding and how people perceive you, your brand, and/or products. What people see is the first impression they make of you. Your image/style plays a major role in that.are