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Brand image, also known as visual branding, is how people perceive your brand. How you show up in the media plays a massive role in how people perceive your image. Your appearance influences how people receive your authority, trustworthiness, intelligence, and if you are the right fit for hire. This guide will help you show up and be seen. 



Let’s face it. With a business to run, a family to nurture, sleep to fight, self-care to squeeze in, and media interviews to rush to, you have zero time to be intentional about how you show up in the media. You’re a grab-and-go, ‘this will have to do’ kind of fashionista who would rather put energy into running your business than into thinking strategically about what you wear. But what if there’s a way to do both, sis?

In our interactive BrandU Architect: Fashion Guide eBook, we show you how and why your appearance influences how people receive your authority, trustworthiness, and intelligence. We talk all about color psychology, the best styles for your body type, time-saving style tips for days when you’re on the go, why it’s important to have a personal style, how to identify your personal style, ways to show up stylishly and confidently in business meetings or in dream spaces, such as red carpet events, and much, much more. There are levels to this, and we break it all down.

BrandU Architect: Fashion Guide is a replica of the fashion section of our PR Architect eBook. If you already have PR Architect, there is no need to buy BrandU Architect: Fashion Guide.


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