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A brand is much more than the name it holds. It is a vision, an idea, a solution that was born out of a motive. It is a story, a story that connects the audience with that vision. When told in the right way, this story can transform the reach and performance of your brand. TGND Consulting® tells this story to your audience and helps you build the connection, credibility, and trust that serves as the foundation for every successful venture.

Storytelling allows consumers to see the human in a brand. It gives brand personality, making it easier for people to know who you are, value, and trust you. This ebook is your guide to the start of a successful PR/ marketing campaign. 



Sending pitches but not landing press? Creating content that just doesn’t seem to hit? Dying to be the face of your brand, but not sure how to do it the right way? We know you must be frustrated, sis.

After spending countless hours speaking with mompreneurs and women-led lifestyle business owners like you, we’ve heard almost every frustration under the sun about gaining visibility. The most common one? Knowing how to tell a compelling story about your brand that people actually want to hear.

That’s why we packed our years of knowledge into PR Architect, the eBook created to get your brand story on point. Written for those who own mompreneur-led businesses and women-led lifestyle brands, PR Architect is perfect for you if you’re not yet ready to invest in a PR firm, but you want to be the face of your brand. In this interactive eBook, we teach you how to be your own PR architect, how to craft and share a brand story that the people can’t resist, how to create content that converts, and how to use TGND Consulting’s tried-and-true PR methods to finally get seen.

Note: This eBook is included in our Digital PR Way Bundle. If you already have Digital PR Way Bundle, there is no need to buy PR Architect.


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