The Digital PR Way Bundle: How to keep up your Brand’s Momentum



So, you finally have your brand where you want it. You’re selling your products/services with ease, you’ve created an authentic brand story that’s easy to tell, you’re popping on social media, and overall, your brand is in a great place.

While this is an amazing accomplishment, we believe that it’s crucial to implement strategies that not only sustain but also increase your brand’s momentum. That’s why we created The Digital PR Way Bundle: How to Keep Up Your Brand’s Momentum, a 4-pack eBook bundle that equips you with everything you need to keep your brand moving and shaking.

eBook Bundle Includes:

Publicity Style Guide: How to Book And Rock Your Media
In this interactive eBook, we share our tried-and-true formula for booking and rocking your media appearance. In six easy-to-follow steps, we walk you through the process of securing press and equip you with all the style tips you need to show up and show out.

Grow Your Community: DIY Facebook Group Strategies
In this interactive eBook, we share our top DIY secrets for creating, maintaining, and growing a Facebook Group full of people who go as hard as you do for your brand. Think Rihanna’s Navy. When it comes to Facebook Groups, you want an intimate squad of go-to people and VIPs who you can call on to test your new products, organically increase your reach, complete your surveys, push your content, and more.

In this interactive eBook, we’re taking the guesswork out of creating a strong social presence. We share 50 mompreneur and lifestyle-related blog post ideas, a social media calendar template, and a strategy for conducting a DIY social media audit.

PR Architect
In this interactive eBook, we teach you how to be your own PR Architect, how to craft and share a brand story that the people can’t resist, how to create content that converts, and how to use TGND Consulting’s tried-and-true PR methods to finally get seen.


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