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Dear Mompreneur, These Mindset Changes Can Make All The Difference

If you’re a mompreneur, we can bet our money on the fact that you’ve had at least one of these thoughts: 

“Mompreneurship success has to be a myth.”

“I can’t afford to outsource. That’s a waste of money.” 

“I have to do it all because I have no one to help me.”

“Mompreneurs are supposed to wear several hats.” 

“I need to show my kids what hard work looks like.”

Are we right or are we right, mama? As mompreneurs ourselves, the struggle was real when we first became business owners. If we can be transparent, starting TGND Consulting was supposed to be our golden ticket out of the corporate space and our chance to make a huge impact on mommies all over. Instead, at the start, we quickly came to the realization that managing motherhood, work, and self-care is no joke. 

Today, however, we can confidently say that we’ve identified three healthy mindset principles that have made our mompreneurship journeys a lot easier. Ready to get your mind right, mama? Check ‘em out below:      

Believe It Before Being It  

At TGND Consulting, we wholeheartedly believe that women can be successful even while serving as moms, wives, business leaders, and so much more. And while we all know that no mom is perfect, especially when she has the pressure of running her own business, we still believe that mompreneurs can thrive. It all starts with healthy mindset principle #1: Believe that mompreneur success is possible. To develop this new mindset, we suggest you do two things: 1) Identify mompreneurs who are successful and reference them for inspiration as often as you need to. Mompreneurs need to see representation in the same way that kids do. 2) Think about including PR as one of your growth strategies and hiring a team to take care of it. With PR, you and your business get seen, which in turn helps you scale, and when you scale, you have a higher chance of seeing company and revenue growth.  

Where Your Squad At?!

Mama, why do you think you have to do this alone? Community is everything, and once you find a solid one, the game can truly change. This takes us to healthy mindset principle #2: Be open to creating and/or welcoming a like-minded and right-minded tribe. By surrounding yourself with fellow mompreneurs who support, encourage and empower you, you’re moving away from thinking you have to do everything alone, to understanding that you go farther together. P.S. If you’re looking for a mompreneur community to join that feels like home, join ours! Our MommiHustle Facebook Group was created just for you.   

Self-Care Is The Real Bag 

Yes, as mompreneurs, we’re skilled at wearing several hats, but always remember that self-care, like work, is an essential part of the process. That’s healthy mindset principle #3. When you have a ritualistic commitment to yourself, you will add ease to your journey, which in turn gives you the energy you need to keep going. Strapped for time? Don’t be afraid to call on your squad, to hire a team, or to create systems and automations that free up some calendar space.  

Led by Donna and Dwayna–twin sisters and mompreneurs–TGND stands for The Girls Next Door. At TGND Consulting LLC, the duo provides public relations, brand imaging and brand strategy to moms with lifestyle brands. Interested in taking your brand from good to magical? Book a FREE 30-minute PR Analysis

Written by TGND Consulting, LLC

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