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5 Sure-Fire Digital Brand Strategy & PR Tips That Will Enhance Your Business

Being seen digitally, having a brand strategy, and creating awareness around your coaching business is vital. We share five sure-fire tips that will enhance your business. 

1. Know your value statement. 

It’s essential to showcase the value in whatever your offering. 

    1.  Who’s your target market?
    2.  What results do you offer your clients?
    3.  What method are you using to obtain these results?

I help ______ (insert target group) to _______ (insert results) by _______ (insert your method).

Example: I help purpose-driven coaches be seen digitally and in the media by creating a digital brand and PR strategy that will allow them to market their business effectively and gain brand awareness.

2. Create social proof. 

How can people trust that what you’re offering will work for them? Ask yourself these questions, do I have reviews, testimonials? Are they showcased digitally?

    1. Share your thought leadership via blogs and media features. The blog can be on your website, and you can be a guest writer on a platform like Medium.
    2. Who can you borrow credibility from?

Example: I am a mix between Michelle Obama and Ava DuVernay. Michele Obama teaches women that you don’t have to be a “good wife” or “mother”. You can be whatever you put your mind to. You can speak up, act and create. Ava Duvernay is a world-known director and fantastic storyteller. They both embody who I am. We have similar qualities and traits. I can relate to them.

3. Know the platforms you need to be SEEN on!

You DO NOT need to be on every social media platform under the sun. Make sure your presence on platforms that make sense for your business. Ask yourself, “is my ideal client/audience on this platform?”

4. Create a professional brand.

These are very important because they form a first impression. 

  1. Do you have a professional headshot or brand photos?
    1. Make sure you have clear images and that they aren’t outdated.
  2. How can people find you outside of social media?
    1. A website or landing page.
  3. What brand colors have you incorporated? 
    1. These convey emotions, experiences, and feelings.

Example: TGND Consulting’s brand colors are black, white, and gold. Black symbolizes power, dominance, and luxury. White symbols goodness and freshness. Gold represents clarity, understanding, success, authority. 


Consistency means showing up and being seen regularly. In the words of Marketing Expert Andrew Davis, “Content builds relationships. Relationships build trust. Trust drives revenue.”

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