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Talk That Talk…But With Law: Jas Talks Law is Increasing The 5%

By: Shekinah Marlin, Jr. Copywriter

Michelle Obama is the first African-American woman to serve as first lady of the United States. Before this position, she was a lawyer who practiced marketing and intellectual property law. Kamala Harris is the current first black female vice president of the United States who served as attorney general in California for six years. Jasmin Robinson, a lawyer and coach consultant, also makes history by creating Jas Talks Law™. Jasmin is proud to be a lawyer knowing that only 5% of lawyers are black, and this statistic led Jasmin to bring awareness and make a difference in the system. Jasmin helps aspiring lawyers excel in the legal field and be successful in law school and its admission process. The stats of having only 5% of lawyers being black motivated Jasmin to help raise scholarships and create guidance for our future lawyers in our country.

Through coaching and advice, Jas Talks Law™ works with future lawyers to prepare and become strategic in all the aspects and steps it will take to become an official lawyer in the United States. Jas Talks Law™ is a law school admission consulting brand that enhances the cultural diversity in the legal field for future lawyers. Jasmin’s mission is to create an atmosphere for future lawyers to build a better justice system for our community. After my experience in law school, figuring out how to get through my classes, keep my scholarship, and having a good experience, I knew I had to do something to help law students in shoes similar to mine,” said Jasmin.

TGND Consulting is honored to work on a PR campaign where they were able to help raise awareness around Jasmin’s vision and mission. Jas joined The Afternoon Tea on iHeart Radio to talk about being a black attorney Kanye West, defunding police, RBG, law school, and more✨. What TGND Consulting loved about working with Jas was that she came prepared to market her opportunity. Check out the interview below:


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