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5 Myths About Instagram, Debunked

While a quick ‘I still got it’ post is great to flex on the ‘gram ever so often, the biggest flex is posting content that tells your story, content that converts, and content that engages with your target audience. 

Created initially as a space for visual expression, Instagram has always been and will always be an incredible marketing tool, especially for visual marketing. If utilized strategically, sis, Instagram has the potential to exponentially increase your reach, drive sales, create connection, and have you all the way in your bag. 

Speaking of being in your bag, we sat down with Kierra G., founder of The Anchor Theoryone of our favorite woman-owned marketing agenciesto talk all about the ‘gram. We shared tips and tricks that are extremely helpful for utilizing Instagram as a marketing tool, and we also debunked several myths about engagements, followers and content that float around about the platform. Check out the replay. 

Myth: Posting = Sales

Truth: It don’t work like that, sis, especially not in the beginning. While you can definitely get sales from some posts, it’s important to understand that every single post may not generate a sale. Besides, your overall posting strategy shouldn’t solely include salesy posts. Create an experience! Start including content that spoon feeds your audience, drives website traffic, builds a connection and garners profile clicks. This is what eventually drives consistent sales.  

Myth: Hashtags don’t work anymore 

Truth: After careful research, we’ve found that hashtags are actually still very helpful, sis. With hashtags, your post gains visibility, it shows up in specific categories that you choose, and most importantly, it helps your target audience find you. Not sure how many to use with your post? The sweet spot is 12. 

Myth: Social media is for the kids 

Truth: Sis, age means nothing in this digital world, especially since there is a community for everyone and everything. Once you identify your niche and community, you can then create content that speaks directly to your audience. The oh-so-fly, 100-year-old Iris Apfel is the perfect example of someone who dominates on Instagram, regardless of age.  

Myth: Once I have Instagram on lock, that’s all I need

Truth: While the ‘gram is definitely one of our favorite platforms, we still believe that it’s important to diversify your digital presence. Remember when Instagram crashed? Those who only had IG were temporarily shut down too. That’s why Kierra recommends hiring a social media manager who can create an air-tight strategy for each of your platforms, so that you don’t have to stress trying to keep up with it all. 

Myth: As long as I post consistently, I’ll be good 

Truth: Consistent posting is extremely important, but only if you post with a strategy. When you randomly post, you confuse your audience, and when you confuse your audience, you risk losing their interest, attention and coins. When creating a strategy, be sure to understand your goals. When you understand your goals, you then know how to create your pillars (Kierra recommends choosing 4-5), and once you have your pillars, you can then create content that seamlessly creates an experience for your audience. 

The replay can be watched here


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