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Follow This Checklist Immediately After You Secure Press Coverage

So, you’ve finally landed yourself in that media outlet you’ve been stalking. The emails and follow-ups to journalists have finally paid off. Your prayers and affirmations have once again come to your rescue, and all you can do is be thankful that you’re FINALLY being talked about in the media. 

While we encourage you to feel all the feels and to reward yourself for such a huge accomplishment, we’d be remiss if we didn’t put you on game and prevent you from making the one mistake we see over and over. 

The mistake? Not maximizing the value of the coverage! 

The thing is, while press coverage drives website traffic and attention, it’s usually short lived if you don’t keep up the momentum. On average, the spike in website traffic from press coverage lasts only a few hours, so it’s crucial that you do the absolute most to sustain the hype. Here’s what we suggest: 

  1. Repeatedly share the press coverage in different ways on social media. Share a graphic, a BTS video, a photo, and a snippet of the interview. When you do this, you keep the coverage fresh and in rotation without boring your audience with the same redundant post.  
  2. Turn it into a paid ad and amplify it on social media.
  3. Tag the journalist and the outlet when you share the coverage, so they notice. You may even get a re-share! 
  4. If you don’t have a press page on your website, create one and add your new coverage. A great title for your press page is “As Seen In” or “As Featured In.” 
  5. Talk about it in a blog post on your website. Use bullet points to list the key messages you covered in the interview and add a call to action (CTA) that drives traffic to the full interview.  
  6. Create a sizzle reel. A sizzle reel is a compilation of videos that showcases your thought leadership and PR awareness campaigns. Sizzle reels can include clips from interviews, speaking engagements, or you in action doing what you do best. 
  7. Add the video clip to YouTube. If need be, buy the clip from the broadcast station. Video is in, and this is one of the easiest ways to get people to access your full interview. If it’s an MP3 audio file (podcast, radio station, etc.), convert it into a video by adding a few rotating images. 
  8. Add the link to your email signature.
  9. Slip a few quotes from the story into your bio. Here’s an example: “According to [Outlet Name], Dwayna Williams is seen as the go-to expert in public relations.” Another example: “[Outlet Name] coins Donna Morris as the brand image architect of the 21st century.”  
  10. Post screenshots of the coverage on your website. Sharing media wins helps build an unofficial resume, showing potential clients why they should do business with you. 
  11. Put “As Seen On,” along with the media outlet’s logo on all of your marketing materials. This helps you gain credibility, trust and prestige. 
  12. Add memorable quotes from the interview to your website. Memorable quotes from media coverage act as testimonials for your company, thus proving your credibility. They show website visitors that you deserve their business.
  13. Tighten up your sales systems and processes. You want to be sure that you can respond quickly and efficiently to increased demand and awareness following the coverage. 
  14. Add an additional stream of income and create an eBook! Elaborate on the key points you covered in the interview and add a few extra gems that your audience may enjoy. Canva has amazing book templates that allow you to design an eBook in no time if your text is ready. 
  15. Share the coverage in your email newsletters. 
  16. Media story links can be extremely long, and there’s no way to track the number of people who click the link. Our secret? Bitly. With Bitly, you can shorten the story’s link and keep track of the number of people who click it to read the article. 

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Written by TGND Consulting, LLC in partnership with Sage Reeds 

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