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This Is Why You Should Refresh Your Brand Photos in the Spring

Brand photoshoots. We either love them, or we cringe at the thought of them. 

Whether you turn into Rihanna when the cameras come on, or you’re severely camera shy and have to fight your nausea during the shoot, the truth is, brand photoshoots are vital. When you have a fabulous, on-brand collection of photos that visually tell your story, you are much more likely to stand out to ideal clients within your niche. It’s also easier for you to further connect with the audience you already have.  

Ideally, you want to have one shoot per season (especially if you’re in a location that has all four seasons). When it comes to brand photos, you want to have photos that make sense from a season perspective, and photos that resonate with your niche. For example, if you own a boutique, your summer essentials photos won’t work in the winter. If you’re a mompreneur, family photos of your little ones making snowmen won’t resonate during the summertime. 

Now with spring springing, tuck those fall and winter-style photos away and get a brand photoshoot going for the new season. Besides, spring is for new beginnings, so it’s the perfect time to refresh those photos. Be sure to capture a few solo photos of yourself, and if you’re a mompreneur, do not leave the kids out. Family photos are a must. Take advantage of the amazing weather!  

Steal these photoshoot tips:  

  • Utilize props and accessories that make sense for your brand. Props should never be random. They should always represent your authority. Our favorite props for mompreneurs are people (hubby, kids, etc.), beds, couches, and pillows. For women business owners, we love books, coffee mugs, tumblers, computers/laptops, desks, candles, notebooks, magazines, plants and flowers.   
  • Develop your marketing strategy and plan your content in advance, so that you don’t end up with fewer photos than you need. Use Pinterest to map out your poses, and to get an idea of the images you’ll need to capture. For example: If you plan to post 10 photos a month throughout the three-month season, you’ll want at least 30 edited photos from your photographer. Remember that brand photoshoots are used to promote your brand/business digitally, and in the digital landscape, one post every two weeks won’t cut it. Your audience needs to see you and your brand often, so you need a plethora of photos to share with them. 
  • Every photographer will tell you that natural lighting is the best lighting. If you’re a mompreneur, head outside with the kids and your spouse to capture lifestyle content. Your audience wants to see you without your boss lady hat on, so show them your family. This is why spring is so great for photoshoots. The weather and lighting are *chef’s kiss* 

Note: As part of our two-day VIP Day package, TGND Consulting gives you a full wardrobe styling session, and we handle the creative direction for your brand photoshoot. At the end of our session, you’ll be left with brand images that FINALLY speak to who you are. Learn more about our VIP Day Package. 

Want more photoshoot tips? Read our recent blog post, “How To Slay Your Shoot Like A Boss, According To Our Go-To Photographer.” We talked all about the importance of brand shoots and the must haves when you decide to do one. It’s a good one! 

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Written by TGND Consulting, LLC in partnership with Sage Reeds

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