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Need Last-Minute Easter Plans for the Fam? These 5 Cost Little to No Money

Mama, we know what you’re thinking. How is it Easter already when it was JUST Christmas?! 

The one thing we can all agree on is that time waits for none of us, even when we want it to. That’s why TGND Consulting kept you in mind and handpicked these five last-minute Easter plan ideas that you can enjoy with the family at no or a low cost. We know you’re busy juggling everything under the sun, we know you’re fighting sleep, and we know that if you add one more task to your list, you’re going to scream! 

While we do condone a good scream to release stress, we do not condone stressing over Easter plans, so take a deep breath, check out our favorite things to do below, and steal one or all of them, mama: 

Get Playful With Easter-Themed Games

Playing games is one of our favorite things to do as a family, as it allows us to spend quality time together, where we laugh til’ we can’t breathe. Luckily, when it comes to Easter, you don’t have to get fancy at all. Keep it simple! Take the kids on a timed Easter egg hunt around the house. Hide money-filled eggs under pillows, inside shoes, in the backyard, in plant pots, and in obvious, but not-so-obvious places. 

Easter egg painting is also a must. The kids love it, and we get to let out our playful side. Tip: Use real eggs, watercolor paint, and cover the floor or table with a trash bag. When you do this, cleaning up is a breeze. 

P.s. Plastic easter eggs can be found at your local retailer for less than $30. To save time, order the plastic eggs, the real eggs, the paint, the paintbrushes, and the trash bags online, so you can pull up, pick them up and keep it moving. 

Bake Something Special

How can we celebrate Easter and not enjoy a sweet treat at least once throughout the day? Our soon-to-be summer bodies might give us the side eye, but our kids will make it all worth it by giving us the smiles we love to see. 

Whether you’re doing a fruit pizza or creative cupcake decorating, baking is an amazing way to involve every member of the family, from your spouse all the way down to the baby. Because kids love to get their hands dirty, put them in charge of layering the fruit on the pizza using their hands, or spreading the icing on the cupcakes using their fingers. You and your spouse can be responsible for pouring the batter, putting the goodies in the oven, taking them out, and getting the kitchen all cleaned up. 

P.s. To save time, order all baking ingredients online, so you can either quickly pick them up or have them delivered. 

Enjoy An Easter-Themed Picnic 

For some of us, spending Easter Sunday in the house is a no-no, especially since we work from home most days. If this is you, quickly plan a family picnic! An Easter-themed picnic outside is the perfect way to get some sun, some family time and a few beautiful memories. Go to a local park, or if you have the space, set it up in your backyard. 

Our picnic must-haves: 

  • A few blankets (you have this at home) 
  • Plates, utensils and cups (you have this at home) 
  • Snacks (you have this at home)
  • Drinks (you have this at home) 
  • A picnic basket (you can improvise and use an insulated, reusable grocery bag) 
  • Easter-themed sweet treats (have this delivered to your home from your local grocery store)
  • An Easter-themed game (we love a good egg-and-spoon race) 

Teach Your Kids All About Easter

Do the kids know how the bunny and eggs came to be associated with Easter? How about what the Easter holiday stands for beyond the fun and sweets? Easter Sunday is a great time to get them up to speed. It’s also a great time to teach the kids about gratitude as you reflect on the reason for the season. 

Add an extra layer of fun by quizzing the family throughout the day on everything you shared, and see who wins the most points. 

Keep It Simple

Easter Sunday can be all about easter eggs, sweets, and scavenger hunts, or it can be as easy going as a regular Sunday morning. We always do what feels best for the family. Some years, we go all out, other years, we watch movies all day. Go with your family’s flow, mama. 

If you’re feeling chill, go for a family walk or watch movies. If you want to add a little more to the day, give the kids the freedom to tap into their creativity. They can put on an Easter-themed play, set up a scavenger hunt for you and your spouse, or create a springtime wreath that you have to promise to display throughout the entire season. 

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