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The Power of Branding: How Color and Font Plays a Role in Your Message

Branding is vital to attracting your consumers and, ultimately, the core of a successful PR campaign. We wanted to share essential do’s and don’ts regarding your brand image and strategy.

“…branding is your fundamental promise of whom you serve, how you make them feel, and what’s different about how you deliver. Marketing is how you get this message out there once you have defined it,” — TWIST: How Fresh Perspectives Build Breakthrough Brands by Julie Cottineau, the founder of Brand School.​

With this in mind, as we walk our clients through ourPR and Brand Architect Strategy Sessions we point out the importance of having clarity around brand messaging, especially when it comes to their brand colors, style, voice, and tone. When outlining our client’s brand message, a key focus is to make sure the verbiage we use to attract consumers or clients matches the image they portray through their digital content, logo, and fonts.

Take a look at some examples of brands your favorite brands below. They make it essential to incorporate their brand colors, tone, and style into each and every one of their campaigns.


Positive and inspiring – Nike

Humorous – Fridababy

Strong and aggressive – Harley Davidson


Highly emotional – Always

Elegant and sweet – Tiffany


Absurd and weird – Old Spice


Considerate and simple – Good American

Are you in need of clarity around your brand message? Book a PR Analysis with us to learn more about our in-person or virtual strategy sessions.

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