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TGND Consulting x The Mom CEO Suite Podcast

Motherhood gets hard. Entrepreneurship gets hard. But together, we can do hard things. Welcome to The Mom CEO Suite, where modern-day moms in business are seen and supported on their journey. In the suite, there’s no shade or shaming; just sharing and support, so we can all thrive at this intersection of motherhood and entrepreneurship.

We joined the host, Phylica! Wife, mom, and entrepreneur and talked about being mompreneurs in business.


In this episode, we hear from twin sisters and business partners, Dwayna Williams and Donna Morris of TGND Consulting. Dwayna shares why PR is important and signs that someone is not ready for PR. Donna shares tips on how mompreneurs can brand themselves.

We also hear how the sisters are navigating motherhood and working together.

About Sophia

TGND Consulting is a full-service PR agency with the goal of helping women juggling motherhood and the challenges of running a business, be seen in spaces, and stand out from the competition through strategic brand development, media relations, image consulting, and kick-ass public relations and marketing tactics.

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Let’s face it. With a business to run, a family to nurture, sleep to fight, self-care to squeeze in, and media interviews to rush to, you have zero time to be intentional about how you show up in the media. You’re a grab-and-go, ‘this will have to do’ kind of fashionista who would rather put energy into running your business than thinking strategically about what you wear. But what if there’s a way to do both, sis?

In our interactive BrandU Architect: Fashion Guide eBook, we show you how and why your appearance influences how people receive your authority, trustworthiness, and intelligence. We talk all about color psychology, the best styles for your body type, time-saving style tips for days when you’re on the go, why it’s essential to have a personal style, how to identify your personal style, ways to show up stylishly and confidently in business meetings or dream spaces, such as red carpet events, and much, much more. There are levels to this, and we break it all down.

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