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Mommi’s Day Out Brunch: A Resounding Success in Celebrating Motherhood and Empowerment

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May 17, 2024


Dwayna Williams

TGND Consulting


Mommi’s Day Out Brunch: A Resounding Success in Celebrating Motherhood and Empowerment

Atlanta, GA, May 17, 2024—Mommi’s Day Out brunch, presented by TGND Consulting and Mommi Hustle™, marked an incredible celebration of motherhood and empowerment. It brought together moms from all walks of life for a day of connection, inspiration, and fun.

The event, held on May 12, 2024, at Studio 944 in Atlanta, GA, exceeded all expectations, with attendees raving about the unforgettable experience. From engaging roundtable panel discussions to delightful culinary experiences, Mommi’s Day Out brunch was a true testament to the strength and resilience of moms everywhere.

“We are thrilled with the response to Mommi’s Day Out brunch,” said Donna Morris, co-founder at TGND Consulting. “It was inspiring to see moms come together, share stories, and form lasting connections. This event truly embodied the spirit of sisterhood and empowerment.”

Highlights of the event included:

  • Engaging in roundtable panel discussions 
  • Delicious brunch spread and refreshing signature drinks
  • Interactive networking activities
  • Exclusive giveaways and swag bags filled with gifts for all attendees
  • Premium photo booth experience capturing memorable moments

The Mommi’s Day Out brunch was made possible thanks to the generous support of our sponsors, vendors, and partners. Their dedication to empowering moms was crucial in making the event a resounding success. 

“We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our sponsors, vendors, and partners for their unwavering support,” added Dwayna Williams. “We want to extend special recognition to CEOMOM Magazine, LYS Beauty, BrownStyle Magazine, and Jurney Med Spa. Their commitment to empowering moms is commendable, and we are honored to have them as part of our community.”

Looking ahead, TGND Consulting and Mommi Hustle™ are excited to continue their mission of empowering and uplifting moms through future events, resources, and initiatives. Together, they aim to create a world where every mom feels supported, celebrated, and empowered to thrive.

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About TGND Consulting:

TGND Consulting is dedicated to cultivating a community of moms and women with dreams beyond their at-home roles to be seen, voices heard, and define their identity beyond motherhood. 


About Mommi Hustle™:

Mommi Hustle™ is dedicated to revolutionizing the narrative of modern motherhood by fostering a vibrant community where mompreneurs, working moms, and stay-at-home moms unite, empower, and thrive together. 

Founded by Donna Morris and Dwayna Williams, Mommi Hustle™ aims to challenge stereotypes and provide a supportive environment where moms can shed the weight of guilt, celebrate sisterhood, and embrace their unique journeys. Through curated events, online resources, and heartfelt connections, we empower women to cultivate self-care, navigate motherhood’s complexities, and confidently pursue their passions. At Mommi Hustle™, we’re not just building a community—we’re igniting a movement to redefine motherhood and inspire moms to embrace their power, purpose, and potential. Join us as we elevate, empower, and celebrate the unstoppable force of mommihood!


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