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PR in the Digital Age: 3 Ways to Stand Out Online

Just 20ish years ago, the art of PR looked very different. Back then, getting airtime on the radio or TV, as well as having your story printed in magazines and newspapers meant mama you made it! During that era, social media was in its infancy, no one knew what a podcast was, blogs were personal, and having a YouTube presence wasn’t even a thing! PR at that time was the art of creating offline visibility to build brand awareness. 

Now fast forward to today. Not only do we still target radio, TV, and print magazines (not so much newspapers), but the rise of the internet has given brands even more ways to earn media coverage. Known as the “digital age,” this era has shifted PR into being all about publicists using digital techniques to earn media coverage, and brands using the internet to tell their own stories. With easy access to social media, podcasts, blogs, and YouTube, the name of the game today is using online visibility to build brand awareness.   

When working with a great publicist, you’ll find that we use a plethora of digital strategies to create visibility and build brand awareness for your brand. And while we know these strategies like the back of our hands, we’ll be the first to tell you: You play a role in helping us secure your media coverage. For media outlets to deem your brand as newsworthy, you must first stand out online. This is how we suggest you do it: 

Keep That Reputation On Point 

One thing about our generation is, we will Google anything and anybody. Journalists do the same. When you work with TGND Consulting, and we begin to pitch your brand story to media outlets, please believe that your name will appear in the writer’s Google search. Before they agree to cover your story, they’ll want to be sure you’re legit and that you have a good online reputation. Covering the story of a brand with no online presence or a bad online presence is a no no. To keep yours on point, be sure to have a website, amazing branding, tasteful content across your platforms and a stellar brand story.   

Tell Your Own Story 

Remember that with social media, you have access to millions of people at your fingertips. Why not use it to share the parts of your story that you know your audience will resonate with? While being covered by the media is golden, we’d never advise you to sit on your story and wait for coverage. Show journalists that you have a story to tell, and position yourself as being newsworthy before they do. When you consistently share your brand story online, it makes it that much easier to earn media coverage. Use podcasts, blogs, social media and YouTube as your storytelling outlets.  

Share Social Proof 

The best form of PR will always be word of mouth. When people willingly hype your brand and promote your products, other people are more inclined to buy. People tend to trust other people’s word, journalists included. If a journalist sees that you’re already being talked about, they’re more inclined to want to talk about you too. This is why reviews and testimonials are so important. If you have them, share them as much as you can on all platforms. They help position you as being newsworthy. 

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Written by TGND Consulting, LLC in partnership with Sage Reeds

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