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Leading Men of Film and Television

By: Shekinah Marlin, Jr. Copywriter

Held at the Atlantucky Brewing, the Leading Men of Film and Television was a night to remember. Filled with live performance, champagne, and a red carpet hosted by television personality Summer Jackson, the co-creators Kevin Savage, and Michelle Taylor Willis brought together an eventful evening to give insight into the entertainment industry. Set with a panel of four male actors to share their career journeys and experiences, the event was led with ultimate success.

Kevin Savage stated, “I wanted to bring everybody in the same room to ensure all bases are covered.” Savage, along with actors Rico Ball, Tray Chaney, and Julian Brittano, were the four men on the panel for the Leading Men of Film and Television event. These actors shared their stories while giving great advice on auditions, booking acting jobs, and, most importantly, not giving up. Having made sacrifices but achieved more remarkable wins, these men were able to enlighten aspiring actors and actresses and future directors, filmmakers, and writers interested in the entertainment business. They encouraged attendees to keep pursuing their dreams and goals because the only person who will stop them is themselves.



One of the takeaways from the event was “knowing your why” and choosing your path. As aspiring actors, knowing your “why” and your passion for acting will determine how you will move forward on this path. Being honest with your craft, creating connections by networking, and being involved can help increase your chance of becoming a prominent figure in the industry. Michelle Taylor Willis said, “we need resources like these for our community to help ensure top-notch engagement and professionalism and to provide inspiration and motivation.” By leaving with encouragement and precision over one’s goals, this event is one for the books you had to have been a part of to experience!

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