You are currently viewing {CLIENT FEATURE} Millennial Innovator Creates Eco-Friendly Underwear

{CLIENT FEATURE} Millennial Innovator Creates Eco-Friendly Underwear

Atlanta, Georgia: Ohhs announced the new disposable underwear that provides full coverage. The full-coverage panty is the latest released on-the-go underwear that allows women, especially expecting mothers, to grow with the fabric without feeling the change.

According to Global Citizen, 131 million girls are out of school worldwide; 100 million are of high school age. While there are many reasons for this, periods are a significant factor.

“These young girls either don’t have access to sanitary pads, don’t want to face the stigma associated with periods from peers, or lack the resources to educate them about safe, hygienic practices,” states Patricia Kayanga, Ohhs Founder. “When creating Ohhs, I wanted to do something with a purpose.”

Her journey:

Patricia is becoming the first black woman company to own and operate a bamboo disposable underwear line with a U.S. patent. Underwear is a staple in everyone’s closet that we spend a lot of money on, but they are only sometimes appropriate for the on-the-go. So, we simplified it and created underwear designed for comfort and ease, as what we like to call “Ohh Moments.” From the underwear to the packaging, we use sustainable products. Ohhs mission is to create eco-friendly material that we love and that our customers cannot live without. In a world where underwear is often overlooked as a basic hygienic need, Ohhs donate a pair to a local women’s shelter for every box sold.

Ohhs vision is to change lives by providing something the market has never seen before while also being able to give back to the community so that underwear is a privilege for all.

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