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30 Affirmations for Mompreneurs Who Forgot Who They Are

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and if you haven’t heard it yet, let TGND Consulting scream it from the mountaintops for you: You do an amazing job at this mompreneurship thing every day, and we are proud of you, mama! You’re really doing your thing.  

As moms ourselves, we know all about the rollercoaster of emotions you feel on most days. This minute, you may be tired, then the next minute, you’re grateful. You then go from feeling overwhelmed to feeling blessed, guilty then happy, emotional then unstoppable, and the list goes on and on. When our emotions fluctuate so much, our self-talk does too. And when our self-talk becomes negative, this negativity can have a huge impact on how we feel, how we treat ourselves, and how we show up as mothers. 

This is why we love positive affirmations so much. Science has proven time and time again that when we change how we view and treat ourselves by changing what we say to ourselves, we have the power to change our lives and our experiences for the better. 

To help you get that negative self-talk together and to a minimum, we have gathered 30 of our favorite affirmations for you to repeat. These short, yet powerful positive statements work wonders when you repeat them daily, especially during your lowest moments. P.s. We’ve also put encouraging words on our mugs, tumblers and totes, which also helps you silence that negative self-talk.      

  1. I love my business, and it loves me back. 
  2. I own a business, I mind my business, and I’m about my business. 
  3. I rise by lifting others. 
  4. Whatever I put my mind to and focus on, I will achieve. 
  5. I create a life that I never want to escape from. 
  6. It’s safe for me to dream big and to be successful.  
  7. I attract business into my life with ease and flow. 
  8. I am doing my best, and I am being the best mom I can be right now. 
  9. I can live the life of my dreams, even as a mom. 
  10. I am THAT mom (period).  
  11. I am getting better every day, in every way. 
  12. I do not have to be the perfect mom. 
  13. Everything will be okay. 
  14. I can feel grateful for my family, yet overwhelmed at the same time. It’s okay. 
  15. My children are blessed to have a mom like me, and I am blessed to have children like them. 
  16. It’s okay that I don’t know it all. I will learn and be better along the way.
  17. One bad day makes me human, not a bad mom. 
  18. I trust that God will guide me through motherhood and business. 
  19. I have a beautiful and amazing body. 
  20. Resting is a part of the process. I no longer feel guilty about taking time to unwind. 
  21. Stress and struggles are only temporary. 
  22. I can be a good mom, even as I work to become better.
  23. I forgive myself for being an imperfect parent. I am learning every day and turning my mistakes into lessons. 
  24. I deserve to take breaks. 
  25. I no longer feel guilty for taking care of myself. When I am well, my children are well. 
  26. Today is just one day. I have tomorrow to get it right. 
  27. I love myself. 
  28. My children love me. 
  29. It’s okay to be tired and over it. I won’t beat myself up for feeling how I feel. 
  30. My needs are extremely important. I will no longer ignore them. 

You see, our minds work in mysterious ways, mama, and our thoughts and beliefs affect how we behave. To reprogram yours, start with changing how you speak to yourself. 

To make your affirmations most effective, we suggest you:  

  • Say them in the mirror
  • Repeat them 3-5 times each
  • Be as present as you can while repeating them, and take your time to feel the words you are saying 

P.S. If you’re looking for a mompreneur community to join that has positivity in overflow, join ours! Our MommiHustle Facebook Group was created just for you.  

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