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How to be a Mompreneur and Build The Lifestyle Business YOU Want!

A podcast interview with Dwayna Williams and Donna Morris discussing the challenges of being a Mompreneur. Let alone the challenges of being Black woman in business. The Self-Employed Life Podcast provides business and personal development strategies for self-employed business owners that create sustainable success. A community of self-employed and small business owners, entrepreneurs, innovators, and ambitious individuals that need creative solutions in the business. Being self-employed and a business Warrior is a mindset, a spirit, and a challenge. We need a different way of doing business. This is business with a soul. We discuss marketing, branding, productivity, mindset, building meaningful relationships with customers, and living a fulfilling life. In the self-employed life, it’s all personal. Small business coach, business coach for entrepreneurs, keynote speaker, TEDx speaker, and author of The Self-Employed Life and LINGO, host Jeffrey Shaw, interviews bestselling authors and experts who will change your way of thinking and provide practical ideas that you can apply directly in your life and business

“As if being self-employed isn’t challenging enough, add in being a mom, and being a “mompreneur” is no joke. Mompreneurs are also a hugely growing trend which is why speaking to these two dynamite ladies was a must! We cover stigmas, terminology, what a lifestyle business really means, and how to manage the various demands.” – Jeffrey Shaw

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