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Canvas Rebel: Meet Our Co-founder Dwayna Williams

Dwayna, thanks for joining us; excited to have you contributing your stories and insights. So let’s jump to your mission – what’s the backstory behind how you developed the mission that drives your brand?

Right before launching TGND Consulting in 2016, I discovered I was pregnant with my first child. At the same time, I learned that I had been accepted into my Master’s program at Georgia State University. As a soon-to-be mom, a busy grad student, and an unfulfilled employee, I was constantly overwhelmed. Knowing that this pressure was unhealthy for the baby and me, I prayed, promised to walk by faith, and told God I would always listen. Keeping my promise to God and myself, I took the plunge into entrepreneurship.

TGND’s mission is to cultivate a community of moms who have dreams beyond their at-home roles to be seen, voices to be heard, and define their identity beyond motherhood. As mompreneurs, society often paints the picture that we can’t have a healthy work-life balance, even though statistics show that we significantly impact the U.S. economy. That’s why we are the example and shouting from the mountaintops that women have dreams and ambitions beyond motherhood. Yes, we bear children, but we also run empires, and we should never be looked at as less than others. Our vision is to help thousands of mompreneurs create magical brands through publicity, brand image strategy & style guides.

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