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TGND Consulting® is a PR agency providing public relations, brand imaging, and strategy to moms with lifestyle brands in Atlanta and Charlotte. With a passion for building a brand’s image through publicity and digital strategy, these twins are taking over the PR industry. TGND’s mission is to cultivate a community of moms who have dreams beyond their at-home roles to be able to be seen, voices be heard, and define their identity beyond motherhood.

TGND Consulting offers the best of both worlds: Our Atlanta location connects us to celebrities, influencers, and lifestyle experts. Also, our 5+ year track record of passionate and persistent pitching and securing placements allows us to maintain strong media ties. 

Our vision is to help thousands of mompreneurs create magical brands through publicity, brand image strategy & style guides. 

TGND Consulting in the media


TGND Consulting® builds magical brands through publicity, digital platforms, and style guides. We offer the best of both worlds: our track record of passionate and persistent pitching, creative and engaging brand image strategizing, and innovative influencer and talent outreach planning. Our expertise lies in creating  —brand awareness and exposure. The expertise we share is coupled with traditional PR to support mompreneurs with lifestyle brands.

This is How We work!

It’s time to take your brand to the next level!

Passion Meets Planning

Passion and hustle only get you so far. You need a plan for your brand. You need to know how to make the right connections, where to show up, what to say when you get there and feel confident in your appearance in all forms of media. We got you!

Real connections, Authentic Stories

Understanding what makes you stand out is the first step to creating authentic stories that build real connections with your target audience. Together we’ll define your brand’s messaging and the best ways to share it with the world.

Strategy + Vision

Knowing who to talk to, what to say, and where to find them is the core of strategic planning. We immerse ourselves in your brand’s world to create customized strategies that will lead to success.

Data-Driven Reports

How do we know if a strategy is working? We measure and monitor it! We provide detailed reports that analyze customer engagement so that we can adjust your strategic plan to emphasize what’s working and improve on what’s not.

TGND Consulting PR Pillars

Communications Plan

Creating a strategic PR and brand image and strategy is essential to having a successful campaign. 


Crafting a story, taking your messaging, and creating unique angles help grab the attention of consumers and the media. 

Media Relations

With this strategy, we can get your message in front of a broader audience and for credibility by positioning you as an authority.


Collaboration is powerful.  Through this method, we aim to increase the value and growth of your brand.