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2023 PR Trends: Stay PR Ready with TGND Consulting and Uncommon Collective

Whether you’re looking to (1) reach an audience outside your current influence, (2) promote your next big idea, (3) push yourself as the go-to thought leader, or (4) persuade an audience to buy your product or service, you are in the right place. We’re here to help clients grow their business no matter the trends; you must adapt to them to stay relevant and top of mind. Next year will be here before we know it, and ladies, now is the time to prepare and get ahead of the game. We recently discussed 2023 PR Trends, which you should know as the media shifts, social platforms continue to grow, and the world opens back up—chatting with us, Des Dickerson, Forbes 30 Under 30  PR Maven.


We covered so many areas on this live stream. Want more insight? Tips are below:

  •  Artificial Intelligence and the Ever-changing Growth of Social Media

Social media isn’t going anywhere; it will only continue to grow by the day. Staying on top of what is happening in the digital social world is essential for brands, thought leaders, experts, and companies. A thorough and well-executed social media plan is key to genuinely showing up online and obtaining the attention of your target audience. TikTok, reels, and live streaming are the sure way for consumers to spend $$$.

  • Online Publications Will Focus 85% Of Their Efforts on Commerce.

Media outlets are slowly shifting to profitability via commerce. If you have a product and want to be featured in online media, you must sign up for an affiliate program like ShareAsale or retailers like Amazon or Walmart. The digital space is taking on new heights with online and social shopping, and now is the time to take advantage of it. Places like Starbucks have already jumped on this wave to improve sales through apps and social engagement online.

  • Business Will Continue to Focus On Working With MicroInfluencers and Partners

Influencer marketing should remain a part of your strategy for 2023. Consider using micro-influencers (10k-50k)  with a niche audience aligned with yours.  This is so important for product-based business!! If you have a product and do not have an influencer marketing budget, now is the time to create one and plan for influencer campaigns. Collaborating with micro and macro influencers will help with social proof. If you haven’t already, start discovering new, creative influencers to help promote your selling; look for partnerships in the NIL (college) space, as that is HUGE for 2023.

  • Social Conscience Will Still Be Important- And People Will Be Watching 

Remember in 2020 when brands took the initiative to create social conscience plans and how they would support diversity within their company? Many of those brands gave themselves 2-3 year rollout plans. 2023 will be the year of follow-up and accountability. Ensure you follow through on your diversity and equity plans and work to help create change. Social Justice Movements awareness was heightened during the COVID pandemic. It continues to grow, tremendously impacting how and where we work and amplifying what is important to us. This trend grows bigger and bigger every year. Brands must highlight their social causes; for many brands, it’s done or die when it comes to consumers.

  • In-Person Interviews & Events Will Be Larger Than Ever 

Why this matters: 2022 was the year of “test and see what happens” with events. And it worked. People came out to the events! Hundreds of people. So now that this worked prepare for events to be larger than ever. EVERYONE wants to get or is getting back outside! Quarter 1 is a great time to plan and execute spring and summer events. We recommend still offering a virtual option and making the in-person experience one for the books! Brand image will be very important for those brands, founders, and CEOs attending these events as speakers, guests, or vendors. Make sure you’re dressing the part.

  • Business Founders Should Focus on Storytelling & Personal Brand

As always, consumers want to know more about your founder of the services + products they are supporting. It is statistically proven that people buy depending on what a brand stands for, including its founder. If you are a founder, be prepared to start telling your story and do some PR yourself. I promise it always brings a fruitful return. Values are something that is of importance in today’s climate and culture. With us being inside and losing loved ones left to right, human connection is how we build a connection. We no longer want to have someone sell to us. We want to get to know the person behind the brand and understand how you genuinely relate to us.  

  • Media Outlets Will be Looking For More Contributor Articles

Media outlets are doing LOTS of layoffs despite a continued need for content. This leaves the opportunity to become a contributor at some top media outlets. There is no better way to be a thought leader in your space than to write for a top outlet! It’s essential to strengthen your media relationships with personalized approaches. Press releases and mass emailing will only get you crickets in 2023. The media landscape is shrinking. Therefore, you must create a plan to co-create with the media as with influencers.

  • Reputation Management Should Still Be Handled On Social Media 

Brands should prepare to continue to handle crises on social media. You need to deliver messaging where your consumer looks for it: social media. IG and Twitter are great spaces for important brand updates and crisis statements. In our “cancel culture,” being quiet on social media is NOT the way to go. Twitter will be an exciting space for many people with the newest acquisition. Brands and companies must truly understand what that means for their digital footprint and reputation.

  • Video + Audio Podcasts Are Still In High Demand. 

Audio & Video podcasting still aren’t going anywhere! Continue to book those podcast interviews. They are also an excellent opportunity to repurpose content and be a thought leader in your industry. Podcasts serve as EVERGREEN CONTENT. This content is interchangeable and can be repurposed for the digital world.

  • In The Partnership Space: Brands May be Watching Their Coins W/The Unpredictable Economy 

With unpredictable economies, some brands are tightening up on their Q1 and Q2 budgets. Other brands are spending; however, be prepared for some brands to either not have the budget at all or offer lower budgets. A recession is coming, and it will indeed affect EVERYONE. Create a plan that allows you (the brand) to weather the storm. With lower budgets, think of other avenues of incentives that will be equally beneficial.  

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